About Us


At Eco Etikit we custom make re-usable cutlery + straw kits that are made almost entirely of up-cycled materials. 

Eco Etikit came about when long-time friends and outdoor adventurers, Anna and Christina, wanted to DO something in an effort to tread a little more lightly on our planet.

Two simple problems inspired us to make Eco Etikits:

1. Single-use plastic cutlery and plastic straws are littering our planet! How is it such common practice for something that never biodegrades only be used one time before being thrown out?

2. Making new products takes natural resources and energy and creates it's own waste. Why not forage for antique, vintage, retro and unique second-hand cutlery and linen to up-cycle into our eco etikits? Seattle is a veritable treasure trove for up-cyclable gems!

By up-cycling materials we feel that our re-usable cutlery + straw kits practice a high degree of eco etiquette that we are proud of.